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Leonardo Di Francesco and Rav Rampuri are often featured in print, radio and television stories.

Gold Buddah Monastery Sold to

health board

photo caption: The former Salvation Army Temple at Hastings and Gore was most recently occupied by Buddhist Monks and Nuns, as the 2,323 sq. foot Gold Buddah Monastery, where they did a lot of mantras and praying and chanting. The Gold Buddah Monastery, an art deco landmark originally built as a Salvation army temple will be converted into a health centre that will integrate services currently scattered around the downtown eastside. Vancouver Province

My Friend have I got a church

for you.

photo caption: Leonard DiFrancesco, a Catholic, and Rav Rampuri, a Sikh, say selling churches is not easy money, often requiring sensitive negotiations. How do Buddhists Negotiate property deals with Pentecostals? Meet BC’s Holy Realtors. Since, Di Francesco and Rampuri, who both work for Sutton Centre Realty, got together on their first church sale, they’ve been on a roll. Muslim’s are making bids with Jehovas witnesses, Sikhs are moving into Hindu temples and Baptists are buying anything with a For Sale sign on it.

Two holy realtors on a roll

The Holy Realtors, have cornered the market on B. C. places of worship. Selling churches usually involves months of sensitive negotiations-doing Vegan lunch with Buddhist Monks, explaining offers from the altar, easing centuries old mistrust between one religious group and the next. Di Francesco and Rampuri say it is the East meets West combination of their own faiths that has helped them develop the sharpest diplomatic skills this side of the Vatican. Vancouver Province

Holy Realtors are on a mission

Church - property sales specialists graced with heavenly charm and business smarts. Their client on this day is Grace Christian Church, which has put Burnaby’s oldest seat of worship- St John”s the Divine, on the block. The reasonn: It’s simply too big for their needs.

Church is listed at $2.5 million

Holy Realtors, Leonard DiFrancesco and Rav Rampuri, who specialise in selling churches.a Sikh, say selling church, properties, outide one of their listings.is not easy money, often requiring sensitive negotiations. Their first church sale was a catholic property, and it took a year to find the right buyer-it is often after all, a very specific market and often requres atime consuming communal decision- but the business today is a vigourous one. Vancouver Sun

Realtors Place Faith in Local

Church Sales

Burnaby Real Estate Agents who’ve made a specialy of

selling churches. They recently completed a deal for St.

John the Divine Church on Kingsway..

The “church guys” Burnaby real estate agents Leonardo Di Francesco a Catholic and Rav Rampuri, a sikh sell more than 80 percent of the churches in the lower mainland. Burnaby Newsleader
Specialist Sales of Places of Worship - Churches, Temples, Mosques
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